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Construction Staking

Const Surv 905

Construction surveying (otherwise stake-out) is the process of establishing and marking the position and detailed layout and grading of proposed features such as: roads, buildings, utilities, drainage contours, etc. for subsequent construction.  This control survey consists of staking exact horizontal & vertical control points based on supplied plans. The contractor can be assured that his employees are building the project per plan locations.

Here at Associated Land Surveying we strive to give our clients construction stakeout points that are easy to read and follow, helping our clients and /or their sub-contractors to perform with great efficiency. With our years of experience working with local engineers & contractors we have stream lined a system that benefits all involved. From the owner/developer to the civil engineer to the contractors building the project we attempt to protect everyone’s interest. We review AutoCAD plans, paper plans and field conditions and notify our client of any potential problems that may delay the project schedule. By taking this extra care we have maintained many long term clients that have come to depend on our diligence.

We pay special attention to the need to resolve the often unseen conflicts that can arise between highly specific regulatory requirements and more generalized but equally important design considerations, thereby helping our clients strike the balance necessary for success in the construction process.