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Marina Parkway & 62nd Ave. Extension.

Marina ParkwayIn this alignment and design by Castles Engineering of the MCBP roads of Marina Parkway’s Phases 1B and 2, we used round-abouts instead of intersections to increase traffic flow, and at the same time, as a traffic calming device. A unique feature of this project is that the road is on a hill; and the sidewalks had to be terraced to meet ADA/ANSI requirements.


The Marina Parkway project consisted of three phases of a new Roadway and location for the extension of Marina Parkway and 62nd Ave. North.  The extension of Marina Parkway is approximately 11,410 LF and approximately 900 LF for 62nd  Ave. North.  Marina Parkway Phase 3 begins just south of the Grissom Parkway underpass and ties in at the current terminus of Marina Parkway, Phase 2.  The roadway section for Marina Parkway is two-lane, curb and gutter with a 10’ multi-purpose path.  The 62nd Ave. extension begins at its recently constructed terminus and ends at the new intersect with Marina Parkway, Phase 3.  The roadway section for 62nd Ave. N. is four-lane, curb and gutter with a 10’ multi-purpose path.   The project included drainage improvements, including 8 Crystal Stream units and a 12” water line extension.

This project is part of the Multi-County Business Park, and all work was done in accordance with SCDOT Standard Specifications, latest edition with addendum, and the City of Myrtle Beach’s specifications.