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City of Myrtle Beach

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The City of Myrtle Beach Public Works Department includes the Street, Engineering, Traffic Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance, Solid Waste and Water and Sewer divisions.

Castles Engineering has provided the City of Myrtle Beach with services on many projects within the city limits.

Some public works projects include but are not limited to:

48" Water and 48" Forcemain Installation

In 2003 Castles Engineering was hired by the City of Myrtle Beach for design and construction services for approximately 4,300 LF. of 48" sanitary sewer forcemain and 48" waterline from U.S Highway 17 Bypass to the Myrtle Beach 10th Avenue sewer treatment plant

Marina Parkway & 62nd Avenue Extension

In this alignment and design by Castles Engineering of the MCBP roads of Marina Parkway’s Phases 1B and 2, we used round-abouts instead of intersections to increase traffic flow, and at the same time, as a traffic calming device. A unique feature of this project is that the road is on a hill; and the sidewalks had to be terraced to meet ADA/ANSI requirements.

Louise Drive/ Pine Lakes Subdivision Drainage Improvements

In this scope of work Castles Engineering in conjunction with it's subsidiary Associated Land Surveying preformed a Topographical survey and utility pickup at 100' stations along the corridor prior to design of drainge and roaway improvements to discharge into approximately 700' LF. of 45" and 60" elliptical piping with berm placement along U.S. Highway 17 Bypass to Grissom Parkway.

11th Avenue Pump Station

Castles Engineering work diligently aside the city of Myrtle Beach to design 800' +/- LF. of 12" sanitary sewer forcemain to an existing active wetwell pump room and provided specifications for improvements/ replacement of existing pumps and pump room.